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About Us

PTM was founded in 1950 in Adana, Turkey mainly for the purpose of exports of raw cotton from Turkey to Europe. Through 60 years of sustained and successful involvement in the cotton trading business, PTM has become one of the leading cotton exports in Turkey. 

Our company is widely renowned internationally with close ties to all  the major cotton trading companies, and banks that finance cotton worldwide, as well as the textile industry in Turkey. 

Since Turkey started to import cotton in 1986, we have also been involved in selling foreign cotton to the Turkish mills.  We represent some major European, American, Egyptian and Indian cotton merchants and coops in Turkey. We are the agents of the following esteemed cotton coops and merchants for the sales of raw cotton to Turkish spinning mills.

  • MODERN NILE – Egypt
  • KOTAK – India
  • RUCHI GROUP - India


PTM is one of the oldest family owned cotton companies in Turkey.  The company is now managed by two partners; Jozef Amado, Nisim Amado.