PTM: 70 Years of Outstanding Quality in Cotton

One of the pioneer cotton firms of Turkey, PTM Ltd. was founded in 1950 to export Turkish cotton to Europe. Our company, a leading cotton agent since its foundation, has been trading in cotton on a continuous basis since and is the oldest firm in Turkey to concentrate exclusively on the cotton business. Owing to our nearly 70 years of experience and professionalism, PTM has become a brand name in the global cotton market and is recognized by all major banks involved in cotton financing. 

PTM was among the institutions to initiate Turkey’s import of upland cotton in 1986 and has since concentrated its efforts on marketing imported cotton from across the world. PTM introduced many of the international norms of the cotton business to Turkey including contract sanctity, and spearheaded the practice of “oncall sales” and sale of recaps, presently used across the board. As Turkey became one of the major importers or raw cotton, PTM contributed to the advancement of the business in the country, working with key merchants, cooperatives and prominent mills in Turkey. 

Our company currently represents leading companies and cooperatives in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Europe, India, and upholds its unfaltering work ethic based on providing dedicated, well-rounded and high-quality service in all aspects of the business. With seven decades of experience, in-depth knowledge of the Turkish and international cotton markets, and technical and logistic know-how, PTM offers a unique combination of tradition and innovation and a dependable business approach tailored specifically to each principal or client we work with.   

PTM: 70 years of quality service in cotton…

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